Fathers and children: Hollywood stars and their offspring who are also famous throughout the world

 Fathers and children: Hollywood stars and their offspring who are also famous throughout the world

Among the real stars there are people of different beliefs, as well as among ordinary people. But all without exception wish their own children happiness in life. True, each person has his or her own vision of what happiness is. For some, it is to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

Colin Hanks

By the way, Tom the famous managed to have four children! But only one son was chosen by his career. The firstborn also had a good acting career. He is gladly invited to take part in several initiatives, such as the well-known “Fargo.”

Jaden Smith

Will is also the father of many children. And he doesn’t seem to mind his kids going into acting at all. For example, Jaden has been on the screen with his father. The guy can be seen in “After Our Age,” “Chasing Happiness,” in the TV series “Burnout.”

Scott Eastwood

Clint also didn’t do nothing: he was able to rear seven kids. However, just one of them pursued acting. Unsurprisingly, Scott made his acting debut in a film that his illustrious father produced. The piece was titled “Flags of our Fathers.”

Scott continued after that. He participated in various initiatives. The Nicholas Sparks picture “The Long Road,” in which he played a very important role, can be regarded as the most exciting.

Dakota Johnson

This actress has both parents who are real stars. Her mother is none other than Melanie Griffith, and her father is Don Johnson. However, he shined in the 80’s, so his name does not mean anything to young people. But, apparently, Dakota is closer to the role of her father. After all, he was considered the sexiest man on the planet. Daughter as she shone in the famous movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”, where she got the role of seductive Anastasia Steele.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Five kids were raised by Iron Arnie. Patrick, though, was the most well-known of his children. What can I say, he has a really lovely appearance!

The man gained notoriety as a movie star but also as a model. He also succeeded in starting his own tailoring business.

Lily-Rose Melody Depp

Johnny Depp’s oldest daughter is aggressively pursuing a career in the film industry, despite the fact that she dislikes talking about herself in the media. Furthermore, she is open to working with her as a model. She can still participate in social activities, by the way.

Ida Lundgren and Bianca Van Warenberg

These are Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s daughters! The daughters of the famous actors appear to be close, and they are pals. And they both visited a theater! Additionally, the girls are drawn to martial arts.

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