Fresh and Young: Emily Ratajkowski Showed a Photo Without Makeup

 Fresh and Young: Emily Ratajkowski Showed a Photo Without Makeup

Versace’s newest muse demonstrated once more that stunning women do not require makeup.

Emily Ratakovsky displays an ideal body, both with and without clothing, with remarkable regularity on Instagram (a social media platform labeled as radical and blocked in the Russian Federation). The 27-year-old model made the decision to go makeup-free this time. Emily shared a photo of herself posing in a polka-dot sundress. No foundation, mascara, or lipstick could be detected on her face. Her skin appeared flawless, healthy, and glowing at the same time.

The model didn’t remark on the photo, but it didn’t stop the subscribers from praising the girl’s natural beauty and youth.

Emily is frequently questioned by journalists about how she maintains her physical fitness and cares for her skin. The model acknowledged in one of the interviews that she places a lot of emphasis on diet, which accounts for her stunning figure and glowing skin. The model also acknowledged that she dislikes sweets, so she need not be limited in any way.

“I really love croissants and snails with raisins, so I always allow myself one bun with my favorite black coffee in the morning. I’m not one to eat packs of chips and candy, but I allow myself something sweet for breakfast. I feel the need for iron every day, so I always have a juicy steak and salad for lunch. I don’t see the point in restricting myself to these foods. Pure protein and fiber – the key to beautiful skin, figure, and health, “- said Ratakovski.



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