From beauty to “scarecrow”: how does the girl who was called England’s most glamorous model look today?

 From beauty to “scarecrow”: how does the girl who was called England’s most glamorous model look today?

Jody Marsh, a 44-year-old former beauty model, demonstrated this by sharing new photos of herself. The publication caught the star’s subscribers off guard, as many didn’t identify the former beauty.

Jodi once delighted a slew of men’s magazine readers with topless images. Millions of men desired her – the daring blonde drew all eyes. Marsh looked incredibly seductive despite the fact that she did not disguise the fact that their shape is the result of plastic surgery.

Nevertheless, in a recent photograph, she appeared in a less-than-shiny light.

Marsh poses in baggy sweatpants and a white T-shirt in a photo she shared to her own blog, and her formerly flawlessly managed blonde tresses fall carelessly over her shoulders.

The blonde beauty teased admirers with the promise of a diva makeover, noting that this is the “before” of the future makeover.

Marsh was quick to publish the results and flashed a daring “going out” grin, implying that she has no plans to give up.

The ex-model looked stunning in a translucent jumpsuit, red stiletto heels, and a faux fur coat. Jodie also wore her usual socialite makeup.

Marsh styled her hair in a high ponytail made of blonde artificial hair. The comments section was immediately filled with praises from adoring subscribers.

Marsh, despite her efforts to stay in shape, has long since abandoned her modeling profession. Jodie started out in bodybuilding and even won a few titles before moving on to charitable work.

The former model established her own animal rescue organisation in 2021. Judy recently mentioned that keeping pens costs her a lot of money and that she had to sell her interesting images to fulfill all of her expenses. The blonde even hired a professional photographer to capture her professional photos.

Marsh now cares for around 250 animals, the most of whom have been rescued from slaughter.

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