From the red carpet to intensive care: Elvis Presley’s daughter died – how she lived and looked in recent years

 From the red carpet to intensive care: Elvis Presley’s daughter died – how she lived and looked in recent years

On January 12, the singer and the musician’s sole child passed away. The film about her legendary father, “Elvis,” was nominated for a Golden Globe the day before, and she shone on the red carpet.

As soon as Presley entered the stage, the audience sensed something was amiss. She spoke slowly and uncomfortably, as though she were having trouble. And she continued to grip her buddy Jerry Schilling’s hand as she walked.

The housekeeper discovered Lisa-Marie unconscious in her bedroom less than twenty-four hours later. The singer appeared to be completely non-breathing. However, the responding medical team was able to revive the celebrity and transport her to the hospital. Sadly, the miracle did not materialize since the star’s heart continued to malfunction.

“I have to break the heartbreaking news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has passed away. She was a fierce, loving, and passionate woman,” Priscilla Presley, the singer’s mother, wrote.

Lisa Marie had both many tragedies and an equal amount of love. She was married four times, twice to Nicolas Cage and twice to Michael Jackson, whom she regarded as her true love up until the day she passed away.

Lisa Marie overcame a challenging divorce, a drug addiction, health issues, and the suicide of her 28-year-old eldest son.

The singer has recently been preoccupied only with children, creativity (more for herself than for others), and philanthropy. Elvis Presley Enterprises was once owned and run by her, but in 2005 she sold the entire company. However, she would have had enough money from her father’s fortune to comfortably live at least a few lifetimes. For instance, Graceland, the renowned Elvis mansion in Memphis, is owned by Lisa-Marie.

The celebrity has recently been residing at her opulent California house with her oldest daughter Riley and twins, Harper and Finley, each 14 years old. Danny Keough, Riley’s father, and Presley’s first husband, reportedly shared a residence with them. Danny called the physicians and was able to give his ex-wife an injection that allowed her to make it to the hospital after the singer fell ill while he was driving the twins to school.


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