Gillian Anderson is now 54 years old: What the star of “The X-Files” looks and does

 Gillian Anderson is now 54 years old: What the star of “The X-Files” looks and does

When “The X-Files” premiered on television in 1993, a huge number of fans were instantly drawn to it and fell in love with it. The two main characters of the TV show quickly won over the audience’s favor. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson respectively portrayed Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in the television series.

Before joining “The X-Files,” David and Gillian had some acting experience, but it was their work in this series, nearly from the very beginning, that made them famous all over the world.

Although Gillian Anderson has appeared in many other films and television shows after “The X-Files,” the part of an FBI agent was one of her most memorable.

She has played both supporting and lead parts in her body of work. She starred in the 2000 film “House of Joy,” for which she won a number of prizes. The actress has won the most honors for her portrayal of Scully, and she has done so every year from the show’s debut.

Gillian plays the mother of Otis, the lead teen character, in the 2019 television series “Sex Education.” The actress experienced a surge in popularity as a result.

A little later, she played the role of Margaret Thatcher in season 4 of “The Crown.”

Gillian has acted in theater throughout her career in addition to TV programs and films. In the 2019 performance of All About Eve at the London Theatre, she played the part of Margot Channing.

Regarding her private life, the actress has gone through two divorces after getting married twice. She has two sons and a daughter; the newest was born in 2008. Gillian and Mark Griffiths, with whom she had a civil partnership, were the parents of both boys.

Picture of Mark and his boys:

Jillian is currently 54 years old. She continues to film motion pictures and television shows, maintains a social media presence, and updates her followers on personal events. The actress is also consistently engaged in a variety of charity endeavors, including helping animals.

Gillian now has the following appearance:

It is noteworthy that Jillian, unlike many of her peers, does not Photoshop her pictures for social media and does not use the services of cosmetologists or plastic surgeons:

Since the beginning of her career, Gillian Anderson has avoided playing roles in “dumb” shows and playing silly characters. Even though she was barely twenty years old, she made a pledge to herself that she would not take part in such ventures. What she had to say about Agent Scully is as follows:

“For the first time in a long time, the script had a strong, independent, intelligent woman in the lead role.”

She continued to follow the same philosophy in her later work in films and TV shows.

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