Goldie Hawn, 76, showed great form: “Sports are everything!”

 Goldie Hawn, 76, showed great form: “Sports are everything!”

Hollywood has long regarded American movie diva Goldie Hawn as a living icon. The 76-year-old star is so vibrant and youthful-looking that, if you wish, you could mistake her for her daughter Kate Hudson. She directs films, publishes books, and oversees a nonprofit organization. Let’s not even bring up her personal life, please! The Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell family idyll has long served as a model for other famous couples. And this is what keeps the actress young at heart even as she gets older:

The legendary Goldie Hawn: at 76 she looks at most 50!

It’s not all that smooth.

The future celebrity was not all that different from other Hollywood starlets when she was younger, it should be noted. American film professionals saw the actress’ talent right away following the first Goldie movie. Hawn’s second movie, “Cactus Flower,” gave the stunning actress instant stardom.

Early renown, however, did not bring contentment to the beauty. “Then I first believed that to succeed at my age is absolutely dangerous,” Goldie Hawn stated following an interview. I was so depressed that I almost stayed home out of fear of being seen. But the very young actress decided to investigate what was going on rather than numbing her anxieties with alcohol.

Recipe for success

In actuality, it was these actions that ultimately led to the artist’s success in all of his or her pursuits. Yes, Goldie Hawn appeared to be the stereotypically foolish blonde beauty from the outside. But a sharp mind and the capacity to probe deeply into the core of things were always concealed beneath the shiny exterior.

An analytical approach to any problem always led Goldie sooner or later to a suitable solution. In fact, this is the recipe for success of the famous actress. Of course, the issues of health and longevity are not exceptions. And to the artist’s credit: she never hid what she was doing to achieve success.

Goldie Hawn, Sports and Healthy Lifestyle

Just the other day, the famous beauty shared a video on the Web, where she showed her daily workout. Goldie captioned the clip: “According to studies, people who exercise regularly boast excellent mental health and emotional well-being.”

Note, the actress separately emphasized: there is no need to torture yourself with long, grueling workouts. “Moderate-intensity exercise is enough to fundamentally change the way we think and make each of us a lot healthier than before,” Goldie Hawn authoritatively declares. She herself, as you can see, prefers yoga, breathing exercises, and trampolining.



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No one inquires about the beauty’s diet either. The actress claimed that while making culinary decisions, she merely follows a few basic guidelines. Goldie Hawn has short meals and avoids sweets, dairy products, and baked goods. And that’s basically it!


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