Hammock as a creative solution to the cat’s needs

 Hammock as a creative solution to the cat’s needs

Animals love being at the center of attention. Our Siamese cat is not an exception. He is nearly demanding attention from his parents.

Fortunately, his parents are more than willing to help.

But besides appeasing our feline pals, our lives typically contain additional obligations. Ricky doesn’t appear to be willing to accept this situation as an explanation.

However, Ricky has justification for being a little pushy as well. Being stroked also makes him feel more comfortable because he has arthritis. As a result, Ricky’s need for continual attention have recently taken on a little more urgency.

He was fortunate that his human family was creative.

The mother took a sling and placed Ricky inside.

She reasoned that petting him after he followed her around the house mewing might help.

Would Ricky, however, accept the hammock as a remedy?

Oh, absolutely. His tummy is right next to the palm that is massaging him. His eyes took on that contented feline squint, and he immediately felt at ease.

This sling was created by the mom to make him feel soothed and less alone. His arthritis is greatly improved by warmth and hugs.

Since the cat has lived with the family his whole life, he is accustomed to their lavish treatment and participation in almost all of their activities.

He’s extremely cool and kind. He is more valuable than gold.

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