“He Looked So Confused And Scared.” Missing Senior Dog Finally Relaxes As Soon As He Hugs His Mom Again

 “He Looked So Confused And Scared.” Missing Senior Dog Finally Relaxes As Soon As He Hugs His Mom Again

Somehow Miles managed to slip through the front door and go missing. Although his family has been up all the time trying to find him, they were unable to find him.
Miles is a senior dog. He has limited eyesight, so when he was missing for more than 2 months they lost all hope.

Fortunately, Miles was microchipped and members of Good Samaritans were able to find and bring him to an animal shelter. The shelter then scanned the chip and found and contacted his owners, who were so happy to hear the news that they couldn’t hide their emotions.

They had been waiting for that call for two months and were scared they would never get good news. So when they did they were extremely happy and grateful.

“ His owner got so emotional, he cried the entire time and arrived at the shelter in less than 30 minutes,” said Lauren Ruiz, the PR specialist at the animal shelter.

What’s interesting is how Mikles was able to live on his own for six weeks, with such bad vision. But miracles do happen and this is the proof of it.
When he was found he was very dirty and needed a long bath.

“His mom was very emotional as soon as she reunited with Miles,” said Ruiz.” That was a reunion you had to see. Although the past two months had been very scary for him, Miles got very relaxed as soon as he saw her familiar face. You could visibly see how relaxed he got as soon as he felt he was back in the arms of his family.”

The dog was so confused and jumpy when he arrived at the shelter, but the second he saw his mom, he knew the troubles he went through the past 2 months were over and he is finally back and the bond between him and his mom is stronger than ever.

If it hadn’t been for the microchip, Miles wouldn’t have been back home. He has been through a huge challenge at his age, but now everything is back in place and he is safe and sound.

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