“He Looks Totally Handsome.” Guy Cut His Dreadlocks And Completely Changed

 “He Looks Totally Handsome.” Guy Cut His Dreadlocks And Completely Changed

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle with a lot of history, but for most of us, it’s just tangled hair. To get something similar on your head, it is enough to stop combing for a year or two.

However, those dreadlocks that we most often meet are not made by nature, but by special craftsmen. Weaving locks occurs with the help of a special hook, and in time it can even take a couple of full working days. But those who take such a step say that the result is worth it.

A young guy from the USA plaited dreadlocks when he was still a teenager. He liked the hairstyle so much that, being already an adult man, he was in no hurry to part with it. In total, he went with dreadlocks for 11 years and during this time they grew to the waist. However, at some point, the guy realized that it was time to change something, and decided to start with a new haircut.

At first, the guy asked his girlfriend to cut his dreadlocks, but it turned out to be not so easy. The hair was so tangled that ordinary scissors simply did not take it.

Then it was decided to turn to specialists. The hairdresser quickly figured out how to overcome these “monsters”. The total weight of the cut hair is about 1 kilogram.

When our protagonist saw himself renewed, he literally did not recognize his own reflection. Previously, due to his unusual hairstyle, some people had the wrong impression of him. But now a handsome young man was smiling at him from the mirror, to whom any mother could entrust her daughter.


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