Heavy luxury: pregnant Rihanna was spotted with a 1,8 million dollar chain on her belly

 Heavy luxury: pregnant Rihanna was spotted with a 1,8 million dollar chain on her belly

The Academy Awards were celebrated with a private affair hosted by Hollywood’s star couple. Beyoncé and Jay-Z partied for a select few at Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont Hotel.

Rihanna (Robyn Fenty) donned a sequined bandeau top and matching leggings. She completed the look with a stunning pink coat. Her dark hair fell down to her shoulders, and the diva complemented her image with radiant makeup. The most stunning glimmer, though, came from the Barbadian’s special jewelry.

She accentuated her noticeably rounded stomach with a $1.8 million diamond necklace. That wasn’t her only piece of jewelry on that night. Her neck was adorned with a three-row diamond necklace containing around 96 carats of pink stones.

Flower-shaped earrings (approximately 12 carats of diamonds) and a big ring complemented it perfectly. Rihanna had all of her jewelry custom-made. The singer, who grew up in a poor huge family, donned around 250 carats of Bayco stones valued $2.67 million in total.

The Diamonds performer was joined at the celebration by her 34-year-old boyfriend, rapper ASAP Rocky (Rakim Meyers), with whom she is expecting her second kid. The performer dressed elegantly in a black tuxedo. The couple exited the large black SUV and drove to the famous Hollywood Hotel.

It was Rihanna’s fourth appearance at a big film event. She went for a pristine leather dominatrix look on the Oscars red carpet, wearing a flowing black skirt with a long train, a sheer tight suit, and a leather bra.

She donned a green silk skirt, a shawl, matching gloves, strap-heeled shoes, and stunning earrings to the event. With a black bra beneath a jewel-encrusted see-through top and matching slacks with the same rich décor, she sung her hit song Raise Me Up at the star-studded occasion.

The founder of Fenty Beauty acknowledged her affair with ASAP Rocky in 2021. She gave birth to the rapper’s son in May of last year. The singer’s rep belatedly confirmed that she was expecting her second child during an appearance at the Super Bowl in February, when she arrived with a stomach.

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