Heirs without an inheritance: celebrities who decided to leave their children without a penny

 Heirs without an inheritance: celebrities who decided to leave their children without a penny

Generally speaking, we are accustomed to seeing the extravagant lifestyles that the children of famous people lead. There are actually lots of exceptions to this rule. Not all famous people have inherited wealth. Some people deny their offspring the right to their own millions.

Sting has a large fortune, but he has said that his children will not inherit it.

Simon Cowell became a father in 2014. But the British producer, television and film maker, and philanthropist at the same time, is not ready to sign over his millions to the child. Instead, the money will go to charity.

The $35 million estate of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s decedent was not distributed to his children in any way.

Today, Nigella Lawson states that she will not give her kids the money an accomplished cook makes. Every child should learn how to work and earn their own money instead.

Additionally, Andrew Lloyd Webber does not intend to leave his children with everything. The only comment made by the British composer is that his kids will be “taken care of.” But he wants to promote his job with cash.

Kevin O’Leary of Canada has a fortune of $300 million, but the Canadian businessman and investor, who also happens to be a Shark Tank judge, is not going to his children. Kevin wants them to make their own money and succeed from scratch.

Current estimates place Gates’ wealth at close to 80 billion. However, Bill is not in a rush to donate everything to kids. In his view, volunteering for charitable causes is considerably more crucial.

Ted Turner’s family can’t count on the media mogul’s money, either. And he’s going the way of Gates.

Jackie Chan raises his son so that he knows how to achieve everything in life on his own. And, among other things, earn money! So his father’s money is not available to him.

Marlon Brando passed away in 2009. He left his children without an inheritance. But, really, because he had a fight with their mother.

George Lucas became the father of four children. His heirs will receive something from their father after his death. But not everything, because the lion’s share will go to charity.

The KISS rocker Gene Simmons has many of the same values as the individuals featured above. He claims that every child should grow up knowing that they must go to work.

The majority of the money will go to charity, as pledged by New York’s longtime mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Particularly, the Bloomberg Philanthropic Foundation will receive the funding.

Joan Crawford simply deprived her children of a will. True, she commented that the reasons for such an act of her offspring are well known.

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