How a high-profile affair between a 17-year-old boy and a 52-year-old driving instructor ended

 How a high-profile affair between a 17-year-old boy and a 52-year-old driving instructor ended

For lovers of unhealthy sensations, a couple with an age difference most often evokes thoughts of someone’s self-interest. You can’t take words out of my mouth – most of these couples are really made on account. But there are happy exceptions to the rules. Take, for example, those same Galkin and Pugachev! The spouses, which will be discussed below, the age difference is even more grotesque than that of the comedian and primadonna. But here we are talking about love. And sincere feelings, as it is known, don’t care about appearance and age!

A couple with an age difference: he’s 17, she’s 52!

The love that no one waited for

In the year 2000, American Jay Barnum, at age 17, made the decision to take driving lessons. The young student enrolled in a nearby course, where he was paired with Linda, a 52-year-old instructor. The adolescent girl and the divorcéed mother of two quickly became apparent to have a lot in common. Even their musical preferences turned out to be similar!

Characteristically, it was Jay who first took the initiative. One day, while Elton John, who they both adored, was playing in the car, he kissed Linda. The instructor, convinced of the sincerity of her hapless pupil’s feelings, reciprocated. Soon Jay and Linda began a full-fledged relationship…

Voices Against

Naturally, the news of the connection stunned the unique couple’s family and acquaintances. Undoubtedly, Jay’s parents were the ones that objected the most. Linda was older than the boy’s father and mother, so it made sense in theory why they didn’t like the news. It was for the best that they were apart!

However, the young man in love was able, little by little, to grind down the resistance of his parents. Barnam’s elders came to terms and even gave Jay their blessing. So after about 8 months from the moment of first acquaintance, the 17-year-old and the 52-year-old woman became man and wife! However, few thought at the time that this marriage will last…

In spite of all threats

You see, there was a lot of conflict in Jay and Linda’s marriage. People mocked the unfortunate couple, and friends spread rumors about the troublemakers. Some placed bets on Jay’s relationship’s longevity without disclosing their wagers. Others criticized the wedding’s date because it was Friday the 13th, the day the couple tied their fates!

However, Jay and Linda’s marriage has endured every test. A mutual friend of the pair claimed that the couple’s marriage had survived in the first place because of the man’s optimism and the woman’s experience in the world. As you can see, Jay and Linda have been together for over 20 years and have never even argued!

You read it correctly up top. The odd couple has been married for 20 years, a milestone they have long cherished. Jay is no longer that frightened young man, and Linda is gradually aging as well. When Linda goes out walking, she transforms into a wheelchair: “70+ years is no joke!” However, the pair is still utterly in love with one another and is confident they made the correct decision.

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