How Billionaires Vacation: Bezos and his lover were filmed at the resort

 How Billionaires Vacation: Bezos and his lover were filmed at the resort

How do the founder of Amazon and his girlfriend appear away from the red carpets?

This year, the red carpets have seen a lot of appearances from Jeff Bezos, 57, and Lauren Sanchez, 52, his sweetheart.

Even one of their most recent outings became an interesting story. Following the LACMA-2021 ceremony, a video of Bezos’ fiancée backstage making out with Leo and gazing at him with such devotion that she appears ready to cheat on Bezos immediately leaked on Twitter. The millionaire himself is standing nearby, but by this time, everyone seemed to have forgotten about him.

By the way, several people believed Jeff would not overlook that. Sanchez and Bezos, however, traveled to the Caribbean for a holiday, suggesting that the embarrassing incident has since been forgotten. The couple was filmed by paparazzi while on a beach trip.

Internet people started speculating about Lauren’s looks and physique once more. Many people don’t understand why Bezos chose to date her and even divorced his wife in order to pursue a new relationship. They believed that a meeting between an actress or supermodel and one of the richest people in the world was possible. Sanchez, though, reportedly possesses a quality that youthful, long-limbed beauties do not.

Although Jeff and Lauren have been dating for two years, their romance still seems strong. Here are some examples of other well-known men who have been in love with their partners for a long time but are far from models.

And here’s what other celebrity couples look like on their walks

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