How Hollywood’s brunette daughters look like: Jolie, Bellucci, Hayek, and others

 How Hollywood’s brunette daughters look like: Jolie, Bellucci, Hayek, and others

Such beauties will have equally beautiful heiresses. Do you think so, too? Well, let’s find out.

Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis, Demi Moore’s daughters

Moore is raising three daughters by Bruce Willis. The girls are very similar to their parents, they have taken all the best qualities and combined the beauty of both. All of them are invited to advertising shootings, and often they themselves act as models. And the older one has even followed in the footsteps of star relatives and became an actress.

Caris Douglas, daughter of Catherine Zeta-Jones

Caris is the product of great love between two actors who have been together for many years. She is the spitting image of her mother in her youth. She has the same luxurious hair and slender figure. She often goes out with her mother. Moreover, she is already an established photo model.

Valentina Paloma Pino, Salma Hayek’s daughter

When Valentina was born, Salma tried for a long time to hide her daughter from the public. She did not want the baby to be seen by the paparazzi and photographed. By the way, the girl looks a lot like her father.

Zahara, Shilo and Vivien, daughters of Angelina Jolie

Angie raises three daughters, two of whom are adopted. The eldest, Zahara, is a dark-skinned girl from Ethiopia with a talent for jewelry making. The younger Vivienne is a blue-eyed angel, she dreams of a career as an actress, just like her mother. Jolie’s native daughter is the middle one, Shiloh, who asks to be called John the boy, wears a short haircut and voluminous clothes.

Deva and Leonie Cassel, Monica Bellucci’s daughters

The girls have inherited their mother’s beauty. The youngest daughter – little Leonie is still a schoolgirl and has not decided what she wants in life. But the older one, Deva, is already an established model and an ambassador for some global brands.

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