How is the life of a Thumbelina Girl who will Forever be the Size of a Doll

 How is the life of a Thumbelina Girl who will Forever be the Size of a Doll

The term “microcephalic osteodysplastic primary dwarfism type II” is unfamiliar to many individuals. Simply put, this is a particularly complex kind of dwarfism in which there is no growth at all of the body. And there aren’t any choices in this situation…

We’re going to introduce you to Abigail Lee because she had the unfortunate misfortune of being born with this genetic condition.

At first sight, the image appears to be entirely ordinary—the baby is in a stroller, but in this case, the stroller is a doll-related toy.

The girl’s toys are all tiny, so they’re easier to play with.

Abigail is now two years old, but she weighs almost as much as a baby – only 9 Ibs instead of the usual 44-66 Ibs.

The family also includes Samantha, an elder girl who is now 4 years old. She is like a doll in comparison to Abigail.

The girl will grow roughly 60 centimeters, according to the doctors. The infant is perfectly healthy; she eats well, plays, and grows normally, but she doesn’t grow.

Abigail wears baby clothes and dines at the doll table.

Unfortunately, medicine has not yet cured this type of dwarfism, but let’s hope that in the future scientists will come up with something.

Abigail will be able to walk, perhaps with difficulty, but there is a chance. She will be able to learn and live a long and happy life, if all the conditions are created for that, of course. But she will never be able to grow up.

We hope that the baby will do well.


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