How it all began: 30 photos of celebrities from their first professional portfolio

 How it all began: 30 photos of celebrities from their first professional portfolio

Do you recall the photo you included of yourself on your initial resume when you were looking for work? If you are already older than thirty, at least you can perceive the difference, thus the question is fascinating. This question brought to mind a recent flash mob that went viral on social media. With the hashtag #OldHeadshotDay, actors and actresses shared images from their very first professional portfolio. We sincerely hope you appreciate seeing the photos that former celebrities had high expectations for.

For the sake of clarity, we selected individuals who have successfully found love with a large audience and have already reached the age of 30 as examples.

Jake M. Johnson added vegetation

Jennifer Garner then and now

This started the career of Chloe Grace Moretz

Ed Helms also took part in the flash mob

Busy Philipps’ image has changed

Isla Fisher Career Start

A photo of Bobby Cannavale filled with youthful hopes

Sophie Turner also started out as a girl

Photo from the then portfolio from David Harbour

How do you like Melissa McCarthy?

Young Joseph Gordon-Levitt

As time has shown, a well-chosen shot of Naomi Watts

An example from Chris Pratt

A lot of time has passed, but Warwick Davis is still recognizable

Also black and white shot by Kristen Bell

Remember Adam Sandler with that head of hair?

Simple photo by Rebel Wilson

Would you give the role to Sarah Michelle Gellar with a picture like this?

How was it not to pay attention to such a perky Ben Stiller?

Amanda Seyfried

Reese Witherspoon in black and white does not remind you of Ksenia Borodina?

Brutal Gerard Butler

Then Leslie Jones could only suspect how her career would turn out.

Not much time has passed since that picture of Emma Watson

It seems that Matt Damon decided to immediately go for broke

Charming Jamie Lee Curtis

Drew Barrymore’s career began at a very young age

Who remembers the first role of Nathalie Emmanuel?

Zach Braff chose this photo

Tori Spelling showed herself like this

Penelope Cruz is recognizable, although she has changed

Do you recognize Natalie Portman?

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