How the life of Cher’s 50-year-old son, who was born a girl, turned out

 How the life of Cher’s 50-year-old son, who was born a girl, turned out

Cher, the famous singer, had a daughter who subsequently became a man. Of course, society’s response was negative, but he felt much more at ease in a man’s body.  

Chastity was the moniker given to the daughter when she was born in 1969.  Many people predicted that the child would also become famous.

Her eventual fame would come as an actress. Around the age of 12, the girl realized she was distinct from others. At the age of 18, she had had enough of waiting and publicly declared her sexual orientation. When Chastity acted or wrote poetry, her own ideas were realized.

At that point, the girl realized she needed to make a change and chose to undergo a sex change. She became a man after a few procedures. It was later revealed that the famous singer had a son called Chaz.

Because the guy had severe hormonal issues, he weighed around 120 kg at one point. Chaz refused to give up and started to battle the extra weight. He lost nearly 40 kg, but he would need to take hormones for the remainder of his life.

Chaz is already 50 years old. He no longer has any ties to the female species. If his feminine demeanor was evident at first, it is now gone, and those around him cannot assume that his name was once Chastity.

Cher didn’t dislike her child, but it took her a long time to get used to him. It was difficult for her to make this choice, but once she understood that her child felt better in a man’s body, she relaxed.

Despite the scorn of others, Chaz managed to establish a personal existence. He currently resides with actress Sh. Blue, but there has been no word on a wedding.


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