How was the fate of this African boy after he was adopted

 How was the fate of this African boy after he was adopted

Almost everyone in the world has probably seen this image. It quickly became popular after a volunteer put it on her page, spreading quickly over the Internet.

And this child’s fate was as follows: His relatives simply threw him out of the house and onto the street since they believed he was a sorcerer. A religious group at the time persuaded many families that their children were witches. And after that, they allegedly sold the kids for a significant sum of money.

For eight months, the boy was forced to live on the streets, sleeping practically next to the road and surviving on whatever crumbs he could find. And if it weren’t for the miracle of fate, he would not have survived. Anya Ringren Lowen, a volunteer from Denmark, arrived at the community where he resided. She was assisting young people from Nigeria.

The boy and Anya met in the street. He had a horrible appearance. He appeared to be on the edge of death because of how thin he was. She took him to the hospital right away.

Naturally, the child’s growth fell much behind that of his friends. But after receiving intensive care for a few months, he started to gain weight and become better. He received the moniker Hope in the recovery facility (translated as “Hope”).

Hope is already enrolled in school and is exactly like his fellow students. He appears to be a really happy child who has many friends.

Anya built a shelter for the kids she assisted, and Hope resides there as well.

Anya quickly wed a Nigerian. He has been in touch with orphanage kids ever since he was a baby, and the two of them are friends. They had a child together. The woman admits that she loves each of these kids as if they were her own.

However, this is not the end. A project for another orphanage is already being worked on by Anya and her husband. Its name will be “Land of Hope.”


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