How Was the Life of the Girl With “Silver Eyes,” Who no One Wanted to Adopt

 How Was the Life of the Girl With “Silver Eyes,” Who no One Wanted to Adopt

Primrose, a child born in China, was different from other infants from the start. Her eyes were that color, like if they were made of pure silver. The baby is completely blind due to congenital glaucoma. This is a relatively uncommon condition (1 case in every 30,000 babies) that can result in catastrophic and irreversible eyesight loss.

The mother immediately signed a waiver at the maternity hospital, and the baby was placed in an orphanage a few days later.

Primrose, like other children, longed every day for someone to pick her up and provide her with genuine parental care, love, and warmth. But no miracle occurred as the days, months, and years passed…

Erin and Chris Austin, a couple from the Georgia hamlet of Brazelton, had a large family. They had their own house and two lovely children – what else could you want? But one day, while scrolling through her Facebook feed, the woman came across a picture of Primrose…

As Erin shared later, “When I saw that picture, I felt like something inside of me just flipped. I suddenly realized it was my baby…”.

The Austins made the decision to adopt the young lady. Primrose traveled to the United States to join her enormous and loving family after the adoption process took several months.

Of course, the pair had to fly through the United States, Georgia, and China to get there. They through nine rounds of bureaucratic torture, but they have no regrets.

A year later, the couple decided to share how they felt after adopting the baby girl. “There’s nothing wrong with her being blind,” says her adoptive father, Chris. “And we shouldn’t feel sorry for her. When people find out she’s blind, they often say, ‘I’m sorry.’ And I say, ‘Why?

“When it comes to adoption, there’s something going on in the soul that’s hard to explain,” says Chris

“Some people call it a sign from above by which the Lord himself tells them it is their daughter or son. And some are helped by intuition. When we saw her picture, we knew right away we wanted to adopt her because she was our daughter.”

Unfortunately, Primrose began experiencing excruciating eye pain eight months ago, causing her to cry for 16 hours a day and refuse to eat. Primrose was found to have excessive blood pressure and retinal detachment in one eye, while her other eye had decreased by half.

It was decided to remove the girl’s eyes. It was difficult for the adoptive parents to agree to this, but it was absolutely necessary.

Fortunately, the operation went well. “It was a miracle: she smiled for the first time in months two days after surgery.” “She feels great now that the source of her severe pain has been removed,” they claim.

Primrose will receive eye implants, and her guardians are hoping for the best: “We hope that one day her biological parents will find peace of mind as they know that their daughter is safe, growing up in a loving family, and happy.”

Primrose is no longer the child that everyone avoids. She is quite happy because she is part of a large loving family.

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