Huge cheetah approaching a man in a wheelchair

 Huge cheetah approaching a man in a wheelchair

It is commonly thought that dogs are the most loyal pals of humans. Nevertheless, it turns out that other animals can be quite good friends, too, even wild animals.

A disabled former racing car driver Joan has experienced it with an extraordinary animal. The man is unable to move his lower limbs, and it changes his life completely.

Despite the current situation, the desire to live a life extraordinarily did not leave him. Joan’s enthusiasm for races has changed to some other hobbies.

Now the driver is really into a wild animal, a cheetah. Seems like the man knows how to tame the cheetah. The animal acts like any other pet, despite the fact that it belongs to wild nature.

Even though it is unimaginable for some individuals to consider a person forming a bond with a wild animal, Joan does not want to leave his pet.

The father is friendly to the cat despite the animal’s strength and size. The social media posts of these friends really touch their followers.

The photographs show the animal secretly approaching its father when the cuddling and amorous gestures begin. To show their trust in one another, the man even rubs his nose against the cheetah and licks it. Is there a better way to demonstrate trust than that?

The cat behaves and is treated like a real pet. It feels like it is at home when with Joan.


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