Hugging a new orphan chimpanzee and welcoming him to the family

 Hugging a new orphan chimpanzee and welcoming him to the family

Wildlife trades result in many broken families, indeed. A few months ago, Beckley, a young monkey, was saved. However, he had lost his parents. Everything changed for the chimpanzee when he found his new caretakers.

Liberian sanctuary for Chimpanzees adopted and took care of approximately 100 orphans. They all have been rescued from horrible and disastrous situations.

Beckley does not only need care and food. They survive in packs and cannot live alone.

The chimpanzee recently met his new siblings in a location where they could relish the lives that were almost taken from them.

Despite the tragedy and pain in each orphaned chimpanzee’s past, they nevertheless have a natural tendency to care, love, and empathize.

They gave Beckley a big hug when he got there.

The majority of the saved animals hardly ever return to their natural habitat. But due to the organizations, Beckley and his siblings live in good conditions for chimpanzees and enjoy their lives without facing external danger.

The illegal pet trade and bushmeat industries harm the animals in Africa. Poachers brutally killed their parents and relatives. Therefore they need constant care and an environment where they can have good relationships with each other. Fortunately, the orphans are being rehabilitated thanks to the committed personnel and carers.

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