“I lost custody of my son”: Sharon Stone hurt from iconic scene in Basic Instinct

 “I lost custody of my son”: Sharon Stone hurt from iconic scene in Basic Instinct

The artist rose to prominence in the film “Basic Instinct” as Catherine Tremell. Many show business figures are still attempting to recreate Stone’s famous scene from the film. The image of a sex symbol, on the other hand, has caused serious problems for the Hollywood star.

When Sharon was going through a divorce with her second husband, journalist Phil Bronstein, the role of an erotic thriller caused quite a stir. The couple divorced in 2004 and fought over custody of their adopted 4-year-old son Ron. According to the actress, her high-profile celebrity led the judge to incorrect conclusions about her maternal qualities. The judge asked my child, my little, tiny boy, ‘Did you know your mother makes sex movies?” – Sharon recounted.

This, according to the actress, is “a kind of system abuse.” Sharon stated that her role in the movies judged her parental qualities.

“Evaluated exactly what kind of parent I was, because I was in a movie. Nowadays people walk around naked on regular television. You may have seen a sixteenth of a second of my nudity. And I lost custody… I lost custody of my child,” stressed the 64-year-old Golden Globe Award winner.

As a result, Stone lost the battle for custody of her only child at the time. The baby stayed with his father after the divorce, and Sharon paid him a monthly visit. The actress’s health was jeopardized as a result of the situation. “I ended up at the Mayo Clinic with abnormal heart rhythms in my upper and lower heart chambers. It broke my heart,” mentioned Stone.

Stone adopted a boy, Laird, a year after the trial, and her family added a third adopted child, Quinn, in 2006. In 2021, the actress remarried and gained custody of her eldest son’s friend. This occurred after the boy’s father died.

The actress was never able to have a natural child. Stone had nine miscarriages due to health issues.

Sharon is still actively shooting. The actress played a bridesmaid in Rita Ora’s new music video. The You Only Love Me singer admitted that the actor assisted her with her wardrobe on set.

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