“I love my body!”: Hilary Duff stripped down in a swimsuit after three births

 “I love my body!”: Hilary Duff stripped down in a swimsuit after three births

A candid photo shoot made Hilary Duff the center of attention. The American actress, 34, asserted that poor health lies beneath the appearance of thinness.

After giving birth to her kid, the “How I Met Your Daddy” star took care of her body. Hilary spends a lot of time exercising and maintaining a healthy diet.

Duff filmed herself in a swimsuit to show off her outcomes. The actress has donned a chic blue ensemble that includes a high-fit top and bikini. Hilary struck a good position that allowed the viewer to see every muscle in her body.

The actress refused to use bright cosmetics for the photo shoot. A light brown lipstick was used on Hilary’s lips, and she added some blush to her cheekbones and mascara to her eyelashes. A ponytail was pulled through the Disney star’s hair.

In a Women’s Health Australia interview, Duff said that she had trouble loving her body. She had been pursuing it for years, but the only thing that had made a difference was working with a trainer. Over time, Hilary came to the conclusion that having a healthy physique is the most important thing, thus she is currently putting a lot of effort into building her muscles.

“I’ll admit it: I adore my body! I work on myself on the inside as much as the outside. I spend time with those who uplift me. I get adequate sleep and eat a balanced diet, and they both have favorable attitudes toward the body and comparable beliefs about health. I may have previously assumed that I wasn’t as thin as others, but now I see that this thinness is actually the result of horrible health, “the actress added.

Three children are being raised by Hilary Duff. The actress and NHL player Michael Comrie’s son Luca Cruz were born in 2012. Hilary wed musician Matthew Coma in 2019. Additionally, they are co-parenting two daughters: Banks Violet Bair, age 4, and May James Bair, age 1.5.

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