“I’m Proud of You, Honorita”: Jessica Alba Showed off Her Daughter on Her 15th Birthday

 “I’m Proud of You, Honorita”: Jessica Alba Showed off Her Daughter on Her 15th Birthday

The Hollywood actress shared a heartwarming update about a joyful family event. Jessica Alba has released rare footage featuring her eldest daughter.

Having been happily married to producer Cash Warren for 18 years, the couple celebrated their daughter Honor’s 15th birthday. To mark the occasion, the parents decided to share precious moments from their family archive.

Jessica edited a video compiled of photos and touching videos. The footage showcases a very young Honor sitting on her mother’s shoulders. It also captures the schoolgirl during a ballet class, where she awkwardly attempts dance moves in a puffy tutu. Other pictures depict Honor taking care of her newborn brother, experimenting with makeup, and playfully imitating dance routines from the internet.

Emotionally addressing her daughter on the day of her birth, the actress wrote, “Fifteen years ago, baby Honor Marie Warren made me a mom. I had no idea how much my world would change. My heart was filled with love the moment I saw you… My entire world turned upside down, and I felt an indescribable connection. Fifteen years later, I am proud of the person you have become, Onorita. My girl, you mean everything to me, and more.”

Jessica expressed admiration for how her daughter has become the “best big sister” to 11-year-old Haven and 5-year-old Hayes. The actress considers watching Honor “unfolding” and witnessing the life she creates for herself as the “greatest gift” in her life. She added, “Big hugs and kisses! Happy birthday, baby girl. Fifteen years old? What?!” – accompanied by the Hollywood star’s joyful remarks.

Alba’s husband also joined in the celebration. The 44-year-old producer shared footage from the birthday festivities, where Honor can be seen dressed in a festive ensemble. With styled curls and a tiara adorning her hair, the schoolgirl donned a pistachio princess dress. The proud father expressed a bittersweet sentiment about how quickly his daughter has grown up.

In recent times, the actress, her husband, and their children enjoyed a luxurious vacation at a Hawaiian resort. Jessica’s beach photos, capturing her in a bikini, caught the attention of paparazzi and generated a buzz among fans.

“I’m looking for words to describe my emotions. It’s some combination of love, pride, appreciation and pain. Yes, pain. You are my oldest child! So it’s understandable that it’s a little bitter. I love our morning trips to school, and I love our conversations during family dinner. I love getting messages from you about your grades, and I love your hidden artistic talents. I love your taste in music, and I love your offbeat humor… I love being your father,” Warren expressed.

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