“I’m Sorry to Disappoint You”: Celine Dion Cancels European Tour Because of a Rare Illness

 “I’m Sorry to Disappoint You”: Celine Dion Cancels European Tour Because of a Rare Illness

Due to major health issues, the singer has taken a break. Celine Dion has canceled 42 future shows. The 55-year-old artist has taken a break from her work. Celine revealed that she would be unable to complete her Courage tour of European cities, which had been cut short by the outbreak of the pandemic. The singer of the hit My Heart Will Go On has canceled all booked performances till April 2024.

Dion intends to spend her free time working on her health. The five-time “Grammy” winner revealed her terrible diagnosis in December. Celine was diagnosed with Muscular Stiffness Syndrome, a central nervous system illness that produces severe muscle spasms, locking the body and making walking and talking impossible.

The musician was set to perform for the first time since her quarantine was removed in February, but the illness prompted her to postpone her preparations until the summer of 2023. And today, the pop artist announced the cancellation of her 42-city European tour. Dion is concerned that she will not be able to perform.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you again. I tried hard to recover, but touring can be very difficult, even when you feel 100 percent. It’s not fair to you to keep postponing a show, even though my heart is breaking. It would be better to cancel everything now, until I am truly ready to go on stage. I want you to know I’m not giving up… and I can’t wait to see you again,” Dion wrote.

Celine’s sickness is uncommon and incurable. Some procedures in modern medicine allow you to slow the growth of the disease. Patients may get seizures as a result of loud noises.

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