“Incredibly long thin neck!”: Kim Kardashian accused of “extreme” photoshop

 “Incredibly long thin neck!”: Kim Kardashian accused of “extreme” photoshop

With rapper Kanye West, the star of the reality series “The Kardashian Family,” is raising four kids. Kim enjoys spending time and having fun with her family. Including having them in your photos. As a result, the businesswoman shared photographs of herself and her daughter Chicago, age 4. Both posed in a casual environment.

Chicago and Kim stepped outside to enjoy the sun. The vocalist of Flashing lights’ ex-girlfriend made an appearance wearing a light-colored bikini. Her breast was accentuated by the strappy bodice. Kardashian donned sunglasses and pulled her hair back in a ponytail. Chicago tried on a swimsuit with rhinestones and some tiny earrings. The young child approached her mother and they both made a bow with their lips.

Kim lovingly captioned the picture, “My baby child.” However, many Network users believed that the model had only lightly Photoshopped herself. They were perplexed by the TV diva’s neck’s length and face’s contour. The other subscribers, on the other hand, complimented Little Chicago a lot.

“Am I the only one who wonders why her neck is so long here?”, “Extreme photoshop”, “Why do you have such an amazingly long thin neck? I hope there’s nothing wrong with you”, “Why are you making your neck thinner, Kim? Stop it!”, “You look like your sister Chloe here,” “Alien Visitor,” “How are you teaching your daughter to pose? Are you doing okay?”, “Chicago is unbelievably cute!”, “Chi has inherited your beauty”, “You and your daughter are like two peas in a pod, just twins,” the follower commented.

Marilyn’s clothing was available for Kim to wear, although some buttons were undone. It required a fur coat to be worn over it.

The garment was also damaged. Kardashian promised not to move about excessively while wearing the dress, but she was unable to escape American criticism. The blogger continued to drop weight after the Met Gala.

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