Total tastelessness. Fans harshly criticized Katy Perry’s “fashionable” outfit.

 Total tastelessness. Fans harshly criticized Katy Perry’s “fashionable” outfit.

Katy Perry is known for her daring looks, but her level of outrageousness can be astounding at times. The fashion icon can easily transition from princess to furious tigress.

Recently, the singer has preferred to appear in public in ultra-trendy outfits, which she frequently changes. Kathy is continuously searching for herself in trends, but not all of them flatter the Hollywood diva.

Perry experienced this during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The singer chose a top with metal plates that brushed against one other and made a noise when she walked for the television show. By the way, it pushed Katy’s breasts tight, causing her to wrinkle. Yet the top itself appeared to be too small for the artist.

Perry wore a white jacket with a tiger print and the same mini-skirt with a slit on the hip. The costume looked very effective and trendy, but the shoes ruined everything.

High leather bobfoots with a wide cuff reached almost to Katy Perry’s buttocks, which made the impression of “elephant” legs. The heels gave the singer unnecessary volume underneath, making her legs look heavy and full.

Internet users were not happy with Katy Perry’s appearance. Many noted that the boots looked out of place in the image, and the top seemed so tight that it hurt to look.

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