It was a true Christmas miracle for the little boy that had lost his hope

 It was a true Christmas miracle for the little boy that had lost his hope

The holiday season is always the best time for memories with your dearest ones. Gifts and decorations do not matter as much as the moments with your loved ones. And it is not only about people.

Carter and his pup had a true brotherly relationship with each other. They felt affection from the first moment that they saw each other. However, animals sometimes get lost, which happened to Piper during the holiday season.

The kid let the dog go out of the house. Little did he know that he wouldn’t be able to locate him afterward.

Both Carter and his parents were looking for the pup everywhere and even posted social media posts to find the dog as soon as possible. Nearly a month passed, and they lost their hopes of seeing Piper again. The family did not enjoy Thanksgiving and refused to decorate the Christmas tree.

At last, a dog with similar characteristics was found some months later. A man had left the dog in an animal center. The parents started crying after hearing the good news.

As their son was not in town, they planned a surprise for his return. However, the dog was more than excited to meet with his old friend.

The day came, and Carter saw his pup safe at home. His reaction was priceless. He cried immediately and hugged the little creature. The dog also showered him with kisses as he missed him so much.

The touching video of the reunion can be found here:

The family called the incident a Christmas miracle and a true gift to their son, as he loved the dog too much and was sick as he was gone.

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