It’s Never Too Late To Fulfill Cherished Dreams: An Elderly Lady With a Small Income Built a Small Dream House And Can’t Get Enough Of It Now!

 It’s Never Too Late To Fulfill Cherished Dreams: An Elderly Lady With a Small Income Built a Small Dream House And Can’t Get Enough Of It Now!

72-year-old Gloria, living on a fixed income, successfully built an extraordinary tiny home complete with a large sunroom. Her journey began when she watched a tiny house video online, which inspired her to dream of owning one herself. Gloria’s traditional 1800-square-foot home felt too spacious for her and her two pets. Motivated by her daydreams, she took action to create her dream tiny home.


Today, Gloria resides in her dream home, a charming tiny house costing $85,000, located in a tiny house village in Tennessee. Despite being only a quarter the size of her previous home, it includes everything she needs. She meticulously designed the home to fit her daily requirements.


Her tiny home, affectionately named Tiny Taj, features a lovely garden where she cultivates herbs, fruits, and vegetables. There is also a large dog pen to keep her furry friends safe from coyotes. A patio with shades allows for enjoyable barbecues even on sunny days.


Inside, Gloria’s tiny house is well-organized and spacious. Her bed area is cozy and comfortable, featuring a queen-sized bed and a fireplace for winter warmth.

A 5×5 picture window behind the curtains lets in natural light, enhancing the room’s ambiance. The house is clutter-free, thanks to her diligent organization.

The kitchen, thoughtfully designed, includes hanging pots, pans, and knives to maximize space. It boasts a coffee bar, a big sink made of crushed granite, induction and gas cooktops, a dishwasher, and a water filter.

A full-size refrigerator and freezer are stocked with food for her guests. A special ladder leads to a storage loft for less frequently used items.

Her bathroom is perfectly sized, featuring a 4×6 foot walk-in shower, a full-size washer and dryer, and an inflatable soaking tub. This is also where her tankless water heater is discreetly placed. The bathroom has all the necessary items, including a closet area with neatly hung clothes and cubicles with baskets for folded garments.

The highlight of Gloria’s tiny home is the spacious sunroom she built separately to house her favorite furniture. This sunroom includes a unique mannequin Christmas tree, which she decorates for various holidays, a shoe rack, and a comfy couch for her dogs. It’s her favorite spot to relax and entertain friends, who often join her for morning coffee and stay until cocktail hour.

Gloria’s tiny home demonstrates that downsizing doesn’t mean compromising on quality of life.

She takes pride in her sunroom and the overall design of her home, showing that “just because you’re going tiny doesn’t mean you can’t have a good living,” as she aptly puts it.

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