“Just an inch of fabric”: Demi Rose showed off underwear

 “Just an inch of fabric”: Demi Rose showed off underwear

Some called this image seductive, while others called it vulgar.

The “British Kardashian” is how the world refers to Demi Rose.

There is a lot between these two celebrities. True, Demi isn’t as well-known yet. She is, however, younger—only 27 years old. She therefore stands a reasonable possibility of eventually coming up to or even surpassing the 42-year-old Kim.

The famous women are comparable in every other way. Both women are lovely brunettes with large buttocks, a slim waist, and generous breasts. Both women are comfortable sharing sensual images with their fans and are proud of their curves. By the way, even their initial steps toward recognition were the same: involvement in reality TV shows and posting unfiltered images on social media.

Even though Kim may have stopped posting “nude” pictures and wearing suggestive clothing, Demi is still placing bets on these things. She succeeds in her mission because 20 million people subscribe to her channel, and international newspapers are often writing about the beauty’s provocative attire.

It appears that Rose’s supporters have seen everything. Just take a glance at the star’s poutine dress from the steamy photo shoot.

The model then made the conscious decision to expose her underwear beneath yet another see-through garment in order to avoid embarrassment. True, you can hardly see it because it was so small. Few people would be brave enough to wear a thong with two strings in the rear and a centimeter of cloth in the front in public.

A storm erupted in the comments. Some people advised Rose to cover up or not to post such photos in public. But most of the star’s followers were ecstatic. Of course, among them were mostly men (read also: Demi Rose published a candid photo, making the hearts of her fans beat faster).

By the way, maybe some of the fans even have a chance to win the heart of this beauty. Rose is currently single. Not so long ago, she broke up with her boyfriend, DJ Chris Martinez, whom she dated since 2017. Before that, Demi had an affair with rapper Tyga, ex-lover of Kylie Jenner.

And this is how Demi Rose appears in swimsuits.

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