“Kissing like teenagers”: Selena Gomez and her new boyfriend were first spotted in New York

 “Kissing like teenagers”: Selena Gomez and her new boyfriend were first spotted in New York

A turbulent transformation is occurring in the 30-year-old Disney Channel star’s personal life. Andrew Taggart, a 33-year-old member of The Chainsmokers, and Selena are currently dating. The couple appeared in public for the first time. The duo was spotted visiting the New York City bowling alley The Gutter.

Gomez showed up for the romantic get-together with a carefree appearance. The pop sensation matched her sports leggings with a loose-fitting black blouse. Selena didn’t wear makeup and let her hair hang down. Andrew arrived wearing dark jeans and a hoodie with khaki stains.

The couple smiled softly and became absorbed in the game. Selena and Andrew appeared to be a couple, but the musicians have not addressed their relationship.

The “My Mind and Me” actress previously dated rapper The Weeknd and pop star Justin Bieber. Andrew was seeing the daughter of Steve Jobs. As soon as she learned about the ex-new lover’s relationship, Eva deleted all of her social media accounts.

According to Gomez and Taggart’s friends, they “can’t tear themselves away from each other.” With her chosen one, Selena enjoys going to the movies and bowling.

At the Golden Globe Movie Awards, the actress made an appearance. Gomez made her red carpet entrance wearing a stunning velvet outfit with cleavage.

The musician spent New Year’s Eve at the resort in Los Cabos. With Victoria Beckham’s sister-in-law, Selena forged friendships. Nicola Peltz and the celebrity took pictures on a beach.

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