Latvian millionaire bought 3,000 hectares of forest and built a real paradise on Earth

 Latvian millionaire bought 3,000 hectares of forest and built a real paradise on Earth

What a wonderful environment! Blessed are those who live there!

The utopian idea that there is an ideal city in the world with an ideal society seems to be a real fairy tale. Such is the village built by the project of a Latvian millionaire, located near the town of Cesis.

The Latvian millionaire bought 30,000 hectares of forest in a hilly area and built 300 houses from environmentally friendly materials. Each house has an area of 0.4 to 1.3 hectares, on which there is a small lake and forest.

In “City of the Sun” there are special rules and people’s daily life is completely different. Here, all the houses are provided with high-speed Internet, electricity and central sewerage system.

Houses in Amatciems are warmed with heat from the ground. Each house has a heat pump with a 90-100 m well that converts the earth’s energy into thermal energy. This is enough to heat the house and have hot water all year round. And on the coldest days of winter, the inhabitants light a fireplace.

Due to the mountainous terrain and competent design, the rest of the houses are not visible from the windows of any house (with a few exceptions).

All animals must roam freely in the city, that’s why fences are prohibited.

Dogs must only be kept indoors, as their barking can scare away wild animals if kept on a leash.

Aivars Zvirbulis mentions that the idea of building this place came when he wanted to have his own house, near the water, in the lap of nature. Now his whole family, friends and supporters live there.

Aivars says that the internal rules of the village are for people who are ready to treat others with respect, whether it is keeping silence or maintaining the surrounding area.

A. Zvirbulis

“The balance of environment, applied technologies and aesthetics creates a memorable image of the village, which clearly shows that there is harmony between man and nature.”

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