Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in China Turns Tables on Visitors

 Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in China Turns Tables on Visitors

The idea of zoos is neither acceptable nor accurate or ethical. People should admit that wild animals should not be kept in cages but rather be allowed to wander freely. The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in China is a perfect way to highlight the importance as mentioned above. This place turns tables on visitors. People who burn from the desire to be close to wild animals are caged in this zoo, while animals freely wander nearby. 

So, if you are an animal lover who feels extremely sorry for them being caged, then you should definitely visit this place. People encroach upon animals’ natural habitat, yet if they desire to see them closely, the zoo takes care of their safe visit there.  

A safe car traveling opportunity is given to tourists who want to experience the feeling of being next to a lion or a tiger. Lehe Ledu Zoo offers the chance to feel the pleasure of visiting huge beasts without any threat to their lives. Under the staff’s strict guidance, visitors also can feed the animals. For sure, they can feed the animals only with specific food. 

Critics insist that there is a high possibility of people being in danger while feeding and interacting with animals. So, the idea of animals freely roaming is not the best one. In response to this, Chan Liang, the zoo spokeswoman, ensures that everyone is carefully instructed and informed about the safety rules before the visit. People know that they should keep their hands and finger away from a hungry beast not to become its breakfast. 


According to Liang, the whole idea of the zoo is to give visitors the delight of experiencing what it feels like to be attacked by a beast while ensuring that all the safety regulations are met. It is more enjoyable for animal lovers to “interact” with these big cats in their own habitat! 

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