Lips Halfway Up Her Face: Girl Almost Died After Facial

 Lips Halfway Up Her Face: Girl Almost Died After Facial

The 23-year-old influencer’s attempt to enhance her appearance backfired disastrously. Cartier Bugatti, whose real name is Kristina Vishnivetskaya, was rushed to the hospital with Quincke’s edema.

Her lips swelled to disproportionate sizes after a cosmetic procedure went awry: Cartier Bugatti, a participant of “Let’s Get Married!”, narrowly escaped a fatal reaction.

She shot to fame as a meme after she appeared on the TV show “Let’s Get Married!” to support her friend. The blond, who famously declared on the show that Novosibirsk is a planet, was mocked for her humorous statements and remarks. Subsequently, she became a guest on the “Male/Female” program. However, instead of getting upset about the ridicule, Christina chose to leverage the popularity.

Presently, she has carved out a niche for herself as a blogger, going by the pseudonym Cartier Bugatti. She has repeatedly stunned her followers with her dramatic transformations, unafraid to undergo plastic surgeries to achieve the desired looks.

However, a routine visit to a cosmetologist nearly had fatal consequences. Christina decided to slightly reduce her swollen lips, but experienced a horrific reaction to the gel used for the procedure. Consequently, the blogger was admitted to the intensive care unit of a Moscow hospital. “Basically, I’m allergic to lip reduction. I’ve only had enhancements before and wasn’t aware of my intolerance to the gel used for removal. The ambulance arrived and administered medication, which intensified my allergic reaction,” Vishnivetskaya explained.

The Samara native was relieved that she received timely medical attention, preventing the beauty procedure from turning fatal. “The doctors said I was brought in just in time before the swelling could obstruct my breathing. But because my body reacts adversely to the medication, and Quincke’s edema is very dangerous, it’s uncertain when I can go home,” the blogger reported.

Despite this, the conditions in the public hospital dismayed the patient. She complained about the food containing dairy, sugar, and gluten, which could exacerbate her allergies. “There’s not even a private room, there are four people. The discomfort is unbearable and the indifference in such hospitals infuriates me. But it was an emergency and I had no choice. It would’ve been unwise to discharge myself and risk moving to another hospital,” Cartier Bugatti voiced.

Once the threat to her life subsided, she was discharged from the hospital and returned home. According to Christina, she would need at least a week to fully recover. “The swelling is horrendous, covering my entire face and neck. My face still looks twice its normal size. I can’t remember what it’s like not to have a face that feels like it weighs 40 pounds. The swelling makes me feel as if I’ve gained a hundred pounds. Plus, one of the medications they’ve given me is a hormone, which makes me look bloated. It’s like you lose weight, and then you gain 10 kg in a day,” the influencer added.

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