“Lost her battle with liver cancer”: Hollywood star Diane McBain died

 “Lost her battle with liver cancer”: Hollywood star Diane McBain died

The American actress has spent the last few years battling a terrible disease. Diane was transported from her rural California home to Woodland Hills’ Motion Picture & Television Hospital. She passed away there on Wednesday.

Her close friend Michael Gregg Michaud, who also co-wrote McBain’s 2014 autobiography Famous Enough, broke the awful news. With great sadness, I must inform you that on December 21, 2022, actress Diane McBain lost her fight with liver cancer and passed away.

The native of Cleveland began her career as a model. She secured a deal with Warner Bros. at the age of 18, launching her acting career. With James Garner, Diane secured a position on the ABC drama The Individualist. In 1960, she started playing Daphne Dutton on the ABC crime drama Surfside 6.

McBain claimed that the 1961 movie Claudelle English, in which she portrayed the title character, was her favorite of her career. She also had an appearance in nine episodes of the Sunset Strip television series and the 1961 picture Parrish. In 1966 and 1967, the actress appeared in four episodes of the TV show “Batman.”

The star’s part with Elvis Presley in “The Continuation” from 1966 served as the golden scepter on his artistic journey. She represented the aspirational writer Diane St. Clair who wanted to portray a singer-racer by the name of Mike McCoy on television. Millions of people throughout the world looked up to Presley at the time, and McBain was envious of his fans.

The movie diva made appearances in 20 episodes of Days of Our Lives from 1982–1984 and 11 episodes of General Hospital from 1988. In the 2001 edition of Strong Medicine, she had her final Hollywood role before calling it quits.

“She made the most of every chance that came her way and lived life to the fullest. She had a great sense of humor and was very kind, thoughtful, devoted, and generous. She was the most unaffected movie star I’ve ever known, despite her impressive professional successes,” Michael Gregg added. Evan Burke, Dine McBain’s son, is the only survivor.


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