“Love is always stronger than hate and negativity”: Haley Bieber addressed Selena Gomez

 “Love is always stronger than hate and negativity”: Haley Bieber addressed Selena Gomez

Hayley and Selena have long been accused of having a quarrel. The model and actress have frequently attempted to demonstrate that they are in a normal relationship and do not harbor grudges against one another. However, a video just surfaced on the Internet in which Hayley supposedly mocks Selena.

The singer was then chastised on social media for posting photographs of herself in a swimsuit that did not flatter her physique. The model was then attacked by the haters. Bieber’s wife was even cursed to death. She called Selena and complained about what was going on.

The singer publicly demanded that the harassment stop. Hayley has now shown her appreciation to the music sensation. “I want to say thank you to Selena for speaking out. She and I have been discussing for the last few weeks how to get over this whole story. It’s been an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved. Millions of people have seen a tremendous amount of hate – and that’s too bad. Social media is supposed to build communities, it’s supposed to bring people together, but it’s not supposed to divide people,” Haley emphasized.

She observed that in a social media atmosphere, you must always think numerous times before posting something. Now any phrase or action can be taken out of context and interpreted in a fundamentally wrong way. “However, I continue to believe that love will always triumph over hatred and negativity.” “We can always meet each other with empathy,” Justin’s wife summarized.

Hailey Bieber revealed how her spouse saved her life. The model revealed that she had suffered a mini-stroke.

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