Lucy Liew doesn’t age: new photos and beauty secrets of the “Charlie’s Angels” star

 Lucy Liew doesn’t age: new photos and beauty secrets of the “Charlie’s Angels” star

The actress, who turned 53 in December of last year, appears much younger than she actually is. The channel Celebrities recount with joy the charming Lucy’s life and beauty secrets.

The Secrets of Lucy Liu’s Youth

The famous person stressed to reporters that she works to create a harmonious relationship between the body and mind. Her active meditation practice, high level of physical exercise, and positive mood all support her in this.

The television personality, who is Rockwell’s surrogate mother and the mother of his 6-year-old son, spends a lot of time taking care of her health in order to nurture her child and assist him in adjusting to adulthood.

She explained, “I cook a lot of meals for my son that have cheese and eggs in them, so I started eating the same thing to be in tune with him. Also, my acupuncturist recommended that I get those foods back into my diet.

The actress generally remembers her Asian heritage (her parents are immigrants from Taiwan, and she herself until the age of five spoke only Chinese). The Hollywood celebrity continues to adhere to the core ideas of Eastern philosophy and medicine for this reason.

Lew often visits the doctor to get his muscles checked because he believes in the effectiveness of acupuncture. It is an alternate method that involves testing to find issues with how the body functions. She maintains a strong will and excellent intellectual capacity with the help of daily transcendental meditation.

The television personality recently reduced the number of creative endeavors she participated in and now spends more time in her New York residence with her son. Together, they partake in meals, read, create art, and even study music.

Liu recently appeared on the cover of a glitzy magazine to demonstrate that excellent looks are not limited to those in their 20s. She is confident that unwavering self-confidence is the key to an attractive appearance.

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