Monokini see through: Monica Bellucci posed for the glossy in a racy dress

 Monokini see through: Monica Bellucci posed for the glossy in a racy dress

Monica’s Monokini shines through: Time has no control over one of the most gorgeous women on the globe. Monica keeps her natural beauty by avoiding lifts, injections, and operations that alter her appearance dramatically. At the same time, the celebrity is a popular model for top photographers and appears on the covers of glossy magazines all over the world.

Today, Monica revealed a sexy portrait by 69-year-old German photographer Ellen von Unvert. Monica has donned a racy all-black ensemble. She donned a lingerie-style translucent garment. Its openwork bodice with a deep heart-shaped neckline on thin straps revealed the model’s shoulders. Bellucci posed for the magazine in a colorful gown.

A big leather corset with a cruel buckle emphasized the small waist. The sheer puffy skirt of glossy cloth revealed a monokini. Bellucci flaunted her slim physique. She completed her appearance with mesh dramatic gloves.

The artist wore a sophisticated makeup look that included arrows, chocolate-colored shadows, a delicate blush palette, and coral-colored lipstick. The actress’s dark hair was curled into enormous curls and was permitted to fall freely over her shoulders. The impassioned Italian was holding a container of black caviar and a silver spoon, with a few eggs falling over her chest. “Picture by Ellen for Greek Vogue,” Bellucci explained simply.

Her work with the film diva, whom she has photographed for many years, impressed the German photographer. “It’s always a delight to work with the divine Monica Bellucci,” Ellen von Unwerth said.

The provocative photo delighted fans of the “Dracula” actress, who recently had an affair with the legendary filmmaker.

“Real beauty is not like today’s plastic filter models,” “After all these years she finally took my heart,” “What an amazing expression from the queen, the one and only, the sweet and darling Monica,”

“You look incredibly sexy in that tight and dazzling outfit!”, “Elegance, sophistication and superiority. A true goddess”, “Beautiful woman, you made my day. I love you, Monica,” they wrote in the comments.

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