Mosque as a new home for stray cats

 Mosque as a new home for stray cats

Stray cats are everywhere in Istanbul, Turkey. Surprisingly, a mosque has become a new home for the kittens.

Imam Mustafa Efe started accepting cats in the mosque in 2015. As time passed, his kindness and good nature were evident to the rest of the world.

The person welcomes cats and makes them feel at home.

Cats stay there and even raise their younger kittens in this safe environment.

The mother stray in the video below leads her kittens into the mosque and up the steps of the minbar, the platform where the Imam gives sermons, one by one.

The cats, which surprised Imam during the sermon, received some good remarks from him. He posted on Facebook that the kittens have reached the heart of compassion and leniency.

All they really need is a tiny bit of kindness and mercy shown by people. And the homeless cats have found solace in this mosque.

Imam can feel the little animals’ gratitude toward him, and that motivates him to welcome new kittens into the mosque.

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