Moss, 48, appeared in a see-through bra-less dress

 Moss, 48, appeared in a see-through bra-less dress

Kate Moss was one of the most sought-after and well-paid models in the 1990s. She was the one who initiated the androgyny trend with her beautiful beauty.

At the age of 14, she appeared on the cover of Face magazine and signed with the iconic Calvin Klein brand. The supermodel is now 48 years old, but her sculpted figure continues to astound her followers.

Her most recent appearance has piqued the network’s interest.

The diva appeared in a see-through gown, displaying her flawless physique as if she were still 20 years old.

The clothing allows you to see every inch of the body.

In the Network such an outfit did not go without attention. “Everything is visible,” “You could have already without the dress,” “How chic she is,” “I always liked Kate,” “What legs,” “Not everyone can afford such an outfit at 48 years old”.

“Well, why dress like that,” “Age takes its toll anyway,” “The belly is not perfect, you could have covered up in places,” “The legs are perfect of course, but the rest…”, “48 is not 18”, “A transparent curtain on a fading woman,” – made a spoonful of tar by detractors.

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