“My Bikini Dancing For You!”: Salma Hayek Showed a Video of Her Daring Pool Show

 “My Bikini Dancing For You!”: Salma Hayek Showed a Video of Her Daring Pool Show

Salma Hayek (Salma Hayek) donned a risqué swimsuit. The Hollywood performer exhibited her physique in all its splendor. The 56-year-old lead of the film “Bandit” diligently maintains her figure. Salma is renowned for her feminine body: she works out on a regular basis and keeps a close eye on her nutrition. The actress takes every opportunity to display her appearance. Consistently, she opts for daring ensembles.

The spouse of billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault captured a playful video, which showcased a workout in the pool. Salma picked out a vibrantly colored, ethnically styled bikini. The attire highlighted her voluptuous physique. The actress performed a set of leg and arm exercises, which included water cycles.


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Hayek directly addressed her followers. “I saw that you guys like my bikini photos the most. So here’s a bikini workout for you! I actually hate doing sports, but I love dancing in the water,” Salma cheekily elucidated.

Immediately, the celebrity’s fans inundated the spicy video with praises. “So and wanted to repeat such dances”, “What an incredible beauty”, “Stunning figure, so much grace in every movement”, “Very sensual and sexy”, bloggers penned.

In the early summer, Salma Hayek shared a bare-faced, revealing photograph. The actress announced that she had tallied her number of wrinkles and gray hair.


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