No More Brunette: Angelina Jolie Appeared at the Fashion House After a Makeover

 No More Brunette: Angelina Jolie Appeared at the Fashion House After a Makeover

A transformation has taken place in Angelina Jolie’s appearance as she revisits her 90s image. The renowned Hollywood actress made a public appearance.

Last month, the 48-year-old actress launched her own fashion house, sparking her active interest in the fashion industry. The day before, Angelina had a meeting with Gabriela Hurst, the creative director of the Chloé brand. The star of the film “Eternal” meticulously prepared for this occasion. Jolie appeared in an elegant black midi dress with exposed shoulders and a plunging neckline. To complement her attire, the actress wore matching pumps.

Angelina decided to change her hairstyle and now adorns herself with honey-colored blonde curls. She gently tousled them using a flat iron. For a long time, Jolie had remained faithful to her luxurious chocolate hair color.

During the 90s, when she first emerged in the film industry, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife sported a blonde look. In this current transformation, Angelina bears a striking resemblance to her character Lisa Rove from “A Life Interrupted.”

Fans of the actress wildly discussing her new image. “She copied Jennifer Aniston’s hair”, “She looks better in light color. Angelina looks younger with it”, “She was flawless with brown hair and cherry lipstick”, “Angie is beautiful in any color”, “She looks like a real movie star again”, – users expressed.

The actress is currently preparing to unveil the inaugural project of her fashion house, Atelier Jolie. As an Oscar winner collaborating with the Chloé brand, she is curating a capsule collection of women’s clothing. This collection will feature evening wear crafted from eco-friendly fabrics, boasting flowing silhouettes, tactile embellishments, and a timeless aesthetic.



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