One in 104 billion chance: the story of the world’s only six twin sisters who survived their births

 One in 104 billion chance: the story of the world’s only six twin sisters who survived their births

The only baby sisters in history to survive delivery were born in Liverpool 36 years ago. It should be mentioned that up to that point, their mother had made numerous unsuccessful attempts to conceive. Let’s learn more about these remarkable kids’ lives.

Nothing foreshadowed danger when Janet came in for a normal scan. However, the procedure took longer than it ought to have. When the woman noticed the doctor’s terrified expression as he studied the image on the screen, she enquired as to what was wrong. Although doctor claimed that everything appeared to be in order, she was supposedly expecting twins.

It was Janet and Graham’s thirteenth try in five years to conceive children. Before the scan, the lovers made a vow to each other that they would choose adoption if the pregnant woman’s therapy did not succeed this time.

Janet was first thrilled about the expected twins, but she soon started to worry. The doctor phoned one colleague first, then another, and that was the whole affair. As they entered the room, many specialists continued their conversations. The soon-to-be mother eventually ran out of patience and inquired as to what was happening. Six children would be born to her, it was said.

In such a circumstance, the likelihood of a normal pregnancy is one in 104 billion. Clearly, Janet and her kids were in peril all the time. There was no assurance that everything would happen without a hitch. Even though 36 years have gone since that moment, the woman still fears when she tells her tale.

Although she now acknowledges her concern, at the time she received the news calmly. She was quickly assured that her children would be fine for whatever reason.

So the day eventually came when a C-section was required. The expectant mother maintained her composure. On the other hand, the hospital personnel was under a great deal of pressure. The maternity ward was shut down, and all surgical treatments were postponed.

A group of numerous doctors had to treat each child. The expectant mother was also given access to a medical team. She was given a general anesthetic during labor. When she regained consciousness, she enquired, “Is the baby alright?”

Interestingly, all of the infants were still alive. They were all female and weighed between 2.2 and 3.5 Ibs. The infants continued to be healthy after a few days, so we could conclude that their lives were not in danger. For simplicity, journalists referred to them as “baby number one” through “baby number six” while writing about them in the newspapers. By the way, physicians claimed that they had some concerns with baby number two. Parents now quip that the second of their heiresses is still upsetting a few people.

The parents eventually developed coping mechanisms for the kids. They use double strollers and slings to transport them on walks. They were occasionally joined by pals who received a free double stroller.

Except for Hannah, all of the sisters now reside near to their parents, and they frequently visit one another. The daughters claim that they look up to their mother because as they become older they see how much work she put into them.

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