Owls and their owner love watching TV together

 Owls and their owner love watching TV together

Three enormous owlets were watching one of the lucky man’s favorite TV programs with him. Following their parents’ decision to choose that location for their nest, the baby owls hatched just outside the man’s window.

Jos Baart decided to look into the action outside the window of his flat. He only barely spotted some leaves and wings on the window sill when he took a closer look. The man was shocked to learn that there were the biggest owl species on Earth instead of pigeons when he first saw a pair of them making their nest there.

The father was thrilled when the enormous birds gave birth to three gorgeous young. He enjoys the newcomers and is delighted to have the opportunity to see them grow up in front of his very eyes.

The owner did, however, observe that the owlets become particularly interested in his TV recently. Now, the young owls join him in watching television by peering through the glass.

They observe the motions while the television is playing and remain there for more than half an hour to enjoy watching TV.

The youngs appear to be exceedingly amiable and love Jos’ company, but their mother doesn’t seem to feel the same way. She simply flies away whenever she sees the man. But the man understood that, so he’s making every effort to be silent.

The man enters the room in the morning, and when he notices that she is seated in the plant box, he moves very slowly to indicate that he doesn’t want to disturb her.

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