People saved a hedgehog from the dogs

 People saved a hedgehog from the dogs


Andrei heard a dog barking in the yard of his house. At first, he thought that there were guests coming to their yard and opened the gate, went out of the yard, and saw a hedgehog barely crawling past. There were several dogs around. Apparently, they met with such an animal for the first time because they had already tried to attack and failed.

The man was surprised, as hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, and it was there in the morning.

He called his wife, and they looked closely at the animal and saw it badly injured. Putting on rubber gloves, the man took the hedgehog and brought it into the yard. To begin with, they decided to wash it from dirt, adhering to foliage and blood.

After that, it became clear that the hedgehog also suffered from the bites of dogs. Despite the needles, they could hurt him. It had a terrible smell, and the wounds began to rot, so some were inflicted a few days ago.

The couple also saw that part of the skin near the head was almost just dangling. They decided to go to the veterinary clinic without thinking twice, quickly packed up and drove off. There, experts examined the victim and said the hedgehog should be euthanized.

Andrei and his wife took the animal and went home to think about what was said in the clinic. Upon arrival home, they tried to feed the poor animal, and it began to gobble up cat food with pleasure.

After discussing the whole situation, the couple decided to call a family friend who worked as a vet. After examination and long conversations, they decided on treatment.

The specialist warned that living with a hedgehog is not easy. He spoke about some of the nuances of life with this animal and warned that the hedgehog would not smell pleasant, they like to climb everywhere and crap a lot, and they can be carriers of various infections. Therefore, it is necessary to treat wounds strictly with rubber gloves. And he will also make noise at night, stomping and slurping loudly if he finds something tasty, so do not be scared.

After all the recommendations, together, they began to wash the wounds, treat them, and give injections with antibiotics and vitamins. Together they achieved results. The wounds began to heal. The couple began to take the animal to the clinic for treatment, and after almost three months, all wounds healed, and the hedgehog became almost healthy.

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