People wanted to buy a luxury home, and the basement turned out to be a cool secret

 People wanted to buy a luxury home, and the basement turned out to be a cool secret

This mansion is located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and sits on a plot of land that covers more than 1.6 acres!

Today we will tell you what a cool secret is in the basement of this luxurious home.

The house itself has a space of about 1,100 square meters, which is equally stunning. The colonial-style interior is incredibly opulent, including an abundance of pricey natural materials.

The mansion contains ten fireplaces, a two-story cooking area, eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, an enormous library with wall-to-wall bookshelves, a music room, a dining room, and a laundry room.

In addition to the house itself, the private grounds also include a comfortable guest house, a lighted large tennis court, one outdoor pool and another indoor one. Impressive, isn’t it?

But the most interesting thing is hidden in the basement. Upon entering it, it’s as if you find yourself in another world and a separate city from another era. The room looks like a whole street with stone-paved walkways and imitation storefronts that look like the real thing.

A total of 15 establishments can be found in the underground area of the unique nonexistent city, including a tattoo parlor, various stores, a massage parlor, a movie theater, a post office, a sauna, a restaurant and bar, a beauty salon, the city administration, and hotels.

There are also a few working, rare autos present. The black ceiling is meant to represent the night sky. Patrick Cullinan worked on the amazing home.

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