Red Carpet Celebration for a Shelter Dog

 Red Carpet Celebration for a Shelter Dog

It is most likely that you will agree that not every dog gets a chance to experience a red carpet welcoming for adoption. Yet, it is not the case with Bowie. For almost one year, the dog has been searching for a family appropriate for him. This was a unique case happening at Whatcom Humane Society (WHS). 

Each and every employee at WHS loved and cared about the dog. He was a star for the staff. 

As Andrea Merrill, development associate at WHS, ensures the dog is endlessly loved by everyone. 

For a relatively long time, the employees cared about the dog. Volunteers used the chance of taking Bowie on treks to get an opportunity of interacting and play with the dog. 

However, the search for adapting family was failing all the time as the dog is the one that needs the support and care of all the community, as later shared by the development associate of the center. 

Even though the center received numerous applications and adoption requests, none of them were suitable and appropriate for the dog. 

As Merrill added, this dog should be in a family that understands how wonderful he is and how much potential he has for developing his manners. 

The dog immediately returns to the shelter after failed adoptions. WHS employees always gave him a warm welcome despite being confused and worried about the failed adoptions. 

Once a college student learned about Bowie through social media sites. The dog interested her so much that she started to follow up on the news about him. 

However, as Merril noted, the time was inconvenient for the student to adopt the dog because she was pretty busy with classes and did not have a permanent job. 

Things got better in the end! As soon as the girl graduated from college and got a job, she submitted an adoption form. Everyone at WHS was sure that the girl was the right person for Bowie, and this was the beginning of the dog’s new life. 

As all know, red carpet people coming is not typical for animals; it is mostly for humans. Yet, the employees decided to organize a small celebration for Bowie. What’s more many of the employees and volunteers wanted to give a proper goodbye to the dog. 

In the video, you can see the red carpet celebration that the employees organized. Everything was carefully thought of for the dog. 

It is a very emotional and sweet moment when everyone is happy and excited to say goodbye to their friend. 

After the celebration, the dog happily went to his new home. 

A typical day in Bowie’s life includes training sessions, hikes, or cuddling. His mother loves him more and more day by day. 

Merrill noted how fantastic it is to see such a strong connection! 







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