Regardless of their differences, two cute animals, an orphaned cat and a rescue piglet, formed a close connection

The relationships between different animals are very amazing, even if there are some great stories of real, close friendships in the animal kingdom.

Meet Laura the pig and Marina the cute kitty. These amazing animals are diverse, but they all share the same trait. They both stayed where they were.

Santuario Igualdad Interespecie gave them a chance for a better life after they were rescued.

Laura and Marina first met at the Santiago Orphanage where they were sent after being rescued, and it may be their shared destiny that led them to such a close and unique friendship.

While the indifferent guardians abandoned the tabby kitten, Laura was saved from the meat business.

Fortunately, they both found each other and are now in a calm environment.

Laura and Marina were together almost all day. Together they like to nap, play, lick and caress each other.

It was easier for these two unusual animals to live on, as they found peace in each other.

The true, unwavering love they shared changed their lives. This gave them a chance to leave their terrible history in the past and move towards the future.

Laura and Marina are two happy people who, although they belong to different species, have a wonderful bond that shows how attentive and caring animals can be to each other.

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