Remarkable eight-day survival of 12-year-old blind missing dog

 Remarkable eight-day survival of 12-year-old blind missing dog

A nice Labrador named Sage became disoriented in the Santa Cruz Mountains after developing an eye infection.

Berth Cole, Sarge’s owner, was the last person to see him.

She claimed that he ran far away from their house, making it impossible to track him down.

Her heart was simply shattered. She was joined by other others to aid in the protracted hunt.

She posted on social media in addition to informing the authorities about the missing puppy.

After several hours of looking, Berth gave up after learning her puppy had vanished.

Even though tracking dogs were used, they were making fruitless attempts to locate Sarge. Sarge was nowhere to be located.

This story has a joyful conclusion because of God. A miracle occurred after eight days without any hope. Dan, Cole’s neighbor, unintentionally discovered the missing dog while out for a stroll with a buddy.

Dan, whose area of expertise is firefighting, saw the helpless puppy lying on the ground. He had his head in the brook.

At first, he believed the dog was dead, but when he got closer, he saw that Sarge was, thankfully, still alive.

Then, this nice man lifted the weary dog and carried him inside.

Berth was overjoyed to discover her missing puppy alive. She was giving everyone in her vicinity hugs while crying.

But nobody has been able to explain how this blind canine survived those eight days up to this point. It’s a mystery still.

Sarge most likely had a strong determination and never gave up hope.

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