Rescue of a little sloth that got stuck in the rocks after low tide

 Rescue of a little sloth that got stuck in the rocks after low tide


It is always pleasant to realize that the world is full of good people even if help is provided not to people but to our smaller brothers.

The married couple Ronaldo and Rosalia were walking along the coast of Colombia on a clear day. They heard a strange sound, very similar to crying. After low tide, a little sloth got stuck among two small stones and could not get out.

He was crying very loudly and calling for help. He was fortunate that there were people nearby. Otherwise, he would have died. The night before, a storm had raged on the coast. They were terrified for the baby that he might suffer during high tide and rushed to help.

When they got closer to the place where the baby was stuck, the couple saw that he was covered in salt water, and there was sand in his small eyes. The kid started screaming even louder when he saw people. But they did not immediately rush to pull him out of these stones; the guys decided to look around since the sloth was still tiny, somewhere not far away, there should be adults or his mother.

After they looked around and made sure there were no adult sloths around, they found a small box to put the baby in after the rescue and took him home.

They started to act right away. Ronald carefully took the crumb out of the stones, wrapped it in a soft towel, and planted it in the prepared box, and they went home. Rosalia rinsed off the salt water and washed the eyes of the sand from the little animal.

The couple wanted to feed the baby but did not know what sloths eat. After the baby had a little rest, they began to look for a place where they could take care of the baby.

Not far from the house where the couple who saved the little sloth lived, there was an animal rescue shelter; they took the baby there and told the workers about their rescue story. Thanks to the kindness and responsiveness of this married couple, this story ended happily for everyone.

A tired but very pleased and happy sloth calmly rests in the arms of his savior.

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